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About us

» Short profile

Actively:since 1998
Company:EXPO CONSULT GmbH (Basel)
Purpose:fair services
Customers:approx. 900 ( companies, organisations)
Staff:approx. 10- 15 Basel, approx. 50 (European Union area)
References:Autodesk (Munich), Blaser (Bern), Fair Basel, etc.

» Vision
EXPO CONSULT achieves a leading market position in Switzerland and in the neighbouring European Union countries by the consistent development of all measure- connected products and services.

» Guiding principles
EXPO CONSULT is customer orientated, various and innovative in the offer. The decision of a customer for our offer is basis for turnover growth, economic success and future chances of each individual employees.

» Core business
EXPO CONSULT secures professional appearances in the public for its customers and supports the sales of products and services. Concretely: The offer covers all fair services of the organization and conception over the supply of (renting) material (like furniture) up to the execution by specialists.

» Quality standard

Production:high-quality products and their constant availability
Service:Friendliness, competence, flexibility, accessibility
Satisfaction:increasing customer base
Environmental protection:responsible-minded use of resources and problematic materials


... are only 1 going minute far away from the fair place Basel. (see starting sketch).

... have as fair service company with class 1998 over 24000m2 material, renting camp and sales depot in the European Union area.

... have exclusive agencies with different large firms from the inland and European foreign country.

... employ over 50 employees in the European Union area, of it alone in Basel 10-15 employees. All are able to advise and care for you with professional competence from A to Z.

The experience of many years within the international fair service range affects our personnel:

Creater, soil-casually, fitter, carpenter, painter, electrician, decorators, writing painter, condition mechanics, Cleaner, key account manager, hostesses, artist, culinary- and service staff.

Our objective:

Comprehensive service offer approximately around fairs and meetings in Europe.

We offer in the entire European Union area the following services to you:
  • Consultation of your fair appearance
  • Organization and the suitable fashion of the fair appearance inclusively on house fairs and events
  • All kinds of floor mats, when desired completely shifts
  • Sales or letting of the condition constructions
  • Letting or sales of the condition furniture as well as the kitchen equipment
  • Sales of building material and tools, which are needed with your appearance
  • Personal for the implementing of the assemblies of building of conditions and condition occupation
  • Organization of the transport of your exhibits and their handling locally and back to you
  • The suitable Catering (Food/Non Food)
  • Organization of your condition parties during the fair
  • Organization of your house fair with artist appearances or other events in your company
  • Switching of Catering (Non Food kitchen equipment) as well as the kitchen and service staff
  • Supply of meals and drinks (Food Catering)
  • Flowers and decorations
  • Journeys, hotel accommodations and their organization
  • Cleaning of the conditions and other objects
  • Storage of your goods and condition elements

And all this from one hand - EXPO CONSULT Basel.
Where ever you need us.

Bleichestrasse 7 - CH-4058 Basel
Tel. +41 61 681 81 83 - Fax +41 61 683 81 20
E-Mail: mail@bergerconsult.com